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How does it work?

Whether you're giving a tip or hoping to receive one, using tippl is simple...

Giving tips

1. Get the code of the person that you want to tip

It will be discretely written on a business card, written on your delivery, or given in a booking email. Alternatively there might be a QR code, or a link from their company website.

If you can't find it, you can just ask them for their tippl code :)

tippl code shown on a business card, on a QR code, on a pizza box, and on delivery packaging

2. Visit

Enter the code at, or just follow the QR code or link.

Check that this is the person you want to tip, enter an amount, and hit pay.

3. Enter your payment details

Enter your payment details in the secure form. All major cards are supported, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

4. We will pass on your tip

Once the payment is complete, we will pass on the tip to your intended recipient. You can be happy in the knowledge that whoever it was that gave you great service will receive the full tip. You will see a payment to "TIPPL.CA" appear on your bank statement.


Earning tips

1. Sign up to tippl

You can pick a subscription that suits your needs.

If your employer uses tippl they can invite you to join, and you won't have to pay a subscription.

If you sign up yourself, you'll need to provide a Canadian bank account so that we can pay your tips out to you 🇨🇦

When you register you'll be given your own unique code that you can share with your customers.

Screen shot of different pricing plans

2. Give your unique code to your customers

Check out our Instagram for inspiration on ways that you can do this!

A poster for a SUP company showing how customers can reward their staff using tippl

3. We transfer your tips to you

Your hard-earned tips will accumulate. If you're on a corporate subscription, tips will be paid out to you by your employer. Otherwise, we will transfer them directly to your bank account ourselves.

Hand sketched smiley face