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About tippl


What is tippl?

tippl is a simple and secure way of paying tips without cash in Canada. To pay a tip, just enter the code of the person you want to tip into the form above.

tippl code shown on a business card, on a QR code, on a pizza box, and on delivery packaging

You can find their code in various places depending on their line of work. If you can't find it, just ask them for it!

Benefits of tippl

tippl has been designed from the start to follow some key principles:

  • Reproduce the benefits of tipping with cash.
  • Keep things simple for those giving, and those earning.
  • Maintain privacy.
  • Pass on the whole tip.

tippl lets you tip the individual that you feel deserves a tip. There's no reason that corporations, or teams can't receive tips via tippl (in fact we'd encourage it!), but importantly with tippl you can pay a tip to the individual who went out of their way for you.

With tippl we also solved what we call the "pizza box problem". This is when you pay the pizza delivery guy a tip upfront, only to later find out when you open the pizza box that it was dropped during the ride over! Now with tippl, you can tip the delivery person after they have delivered your order. In fact, now you can tip any time after you have had great service.

tippl. Cashless tipping, made simple.


Who we are

Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson

CEO & Founder

Engineer with a passion for the water and the mountains. Created tippl to make it easier to give tips to those who really deserve them.


Martina Petkov

Martina Petkov


Project manager with a love of technology and the ocean. Martina has a flair for working with people and making things happen.



Why tippl?

We have never been tipped in our lives. We also feel that in some respects tipping culture has gone too far — it won't be long until a self-checkout machine asks us to tip ourselves! So, why set up tippl?

Recently we have been lucky to learn new things like skiing, mountaineering, and so on where expert instructors and guides keep us safe in risky environments. More often than not they are great teachers with a good sense of humour, and they frequently go above and beyond. We'd like to tip them. But, like so many people, we don't carry cash. We found the experience of paying cashless tips frustrating. We also found that it unnecessarily infringed the privacy of those that we wanted to tip; to make the transaction we often needed them to give us their phone number, e-mail address, or in one case their home address.

The barrier to making cashless tips shouldn't be so high. We wanted to make it easier to reward those who go the extra mile. tippl was born.